Tips To Avoid Exceeding The Contributions Caps

As we know there is tax liability if there an excess contributions, and the followings are tips to avoid exceeding the contribution caps:

For Non-Concessional Contributions

• Fully understand what your non-concessional contributions cap.

• Keep a clear bookkeeping record of the amount of contributions and when they were received by your super fund.

• Any amount that you withdraw and re-contribute to your super fund as a personal contribution.

• You are only eligible to bring forward the next two years of contributions if you are 64 year
old or under on 1 July of the first financial year.

• Always check if your employer, or someone else on your behalf have made any contribution to your fund.

• Always check if your contributions are held in another accounts.

For Concessional Contributions

• Fully understand of what your concessional contribution cap.

• Keep a good bookkeeping record which you can track of the amount of contributions and
when they were received by your super fund.

• Double check when your employer actually pays the contributions to your super fund, as it could
be in the next financial year.

• If you have more than one employers, include all of them when you work out your annual contributions.

• Always check how much contribution you will make before stoping or reducing any pre-tax
voluntary contributions to your super fund.

• Just remember super administration fees, insurance premiums on your behalf to your fund
plus income tax deduction for your personal super contributions will count towards
your concessional contributions cap.


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